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User Manual

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Theme User Manual

Menu Navigation

The Menu Navigation is combined from the top Level Pages with has no Parent Pages. Up to your Theme will it display all or parts of the top Level Pages in order the order Nr.

To Order your Menu set the order number.

Pages > Quick edit > set order nr > Update

Menu Item Navigation

Menu Item are all Pages where is assigned as Child of an Parent Page. All Pages where are assigned as Child of an Parent Page can be used as Menu Item.

In The Field order you can set where the Menu Item is showing first. Nr 1 The first Menu Item, Nr. 2 the second Menu Item and so on.

Pages > Quick edit > select Parent page > Update

Sticky Posts

Sticky Posts are written Blog Contents who is showing on the first Page. You can display the excerpt Text of the Blog to give some snipe Text on the Page. To activate it, you select only the option „make this Post sticky“ in the Posts administration of the Blog. Sticky posts are displaying Title and/or the excerpt text on the first Page.

Sticky Posts will display the Title and excerpt text of the Blog Page if your Theme support it. Standard is to display the Title of the Blog

Posts where is not select as sticky posts are not listed to display on the Main Page

Posts > Quick edit > select „Make this post sticky“ > Update


If your Theme support Categories then split your Posts in several Groups/Categories. You can set as many as you want Categories and also Parent and Child Categories. In this case you can select posts where be in the specific Category.

Set the Name and the slug of your Category. Slugs must in lowercase and has no space between Letters . As Parent „No Parent“. Write your Description if your Theme support it.

Add First Top Level Categories (Parent Categories)

Posts > Categories > Add New Category > Update

Category Sub

To Group Categories you set it under another Categories. That is your hirarchy of your Posts. As Example: The Parent Category Books has History as Sub Category, Sience as Sub Category and so on. All of this Sub Categories are Grouped under the Parent Category Books, Where you can display it also.

If your Theme support to display the Description write the Description of the Category

Posts > Categories > set the Parent > Update

Design your Content Correctly

Here you find some instruction to design your Content correctly. Which Element you should use to display it or in which combine with other Elements you should use it.

The Toolbox

The Elements are Listed in the Toolbox.

Administration Panel > On the Top

The Column Element

Column Element is listed in the Layout Element Group. Select Column Set the Column Count and design your Content

The Column Element let display, up to how many Columns you set, The Text or Images Grouped in Vertical Direction.

The Media and Text Element

Media and Text Element is listed in the Layout Element Group. This Element display Text and Media in Horizontal direction. Options to display the text on the left or on the right is given. As well you can set the Color Attributes and the Text font size.

Use Media and Text to display Image in Combine with a Text.

Don’t Do It

ΒΆ The Pilcrow Text Element

The Pilcrow Element is listed in the Common Blocks Group. This Element elough you to Display the first Letter as Capital letter. To display the Text in The „Drop Cap Mode“ is it important that you use it in a Column or Media Text Element. Never use The Pilcrow Text Element in „Drop Cap Mode“ As stand alone in your Content.